The Shredder

Many years ago, the only shredder on campus was in the President's Office and special permission had to be sought from the executive assistant to use it. While working in the Faculty of Management, Phyllis and I were charged with shredding highly confidential merit and promotions materials. We lugged the files over to Elsie's office and the enclosed shredding room. Having a grand old time chatting while stuffing papers into the machine, we did not notice that the bag had become detached from the shredder. Within minutes, the shredded paper was everywhere! Fearful that Elsie would come in and see the mess we had created, we began stuffing everything back into the canvas bag while killing ourselves laughing. It was just like a scene out of I Love Lucy, and we still chuckle about it until this day.

Elaine Ward (a.k.a. Elaine Mayes)

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