1972 Canada-Russia Hockey Series -- at U of C

Well, I was just a young undergrad at U of C in 1972 but, being a true Canadian, I loved hockey. On that late September day, the 28th I and hundreds of others were crammed into the main student lounge (the Black Lounge?) at Mac Hall. We were all hoping that Canada could beat those pesky 'Ruskies' at, OUR GAME. In the end, we won & you'll probably never hear as loud a cheer in Mac Hall ever again, from all of us that were there when Paul Henderson scored the winning goal that won the game for Canada. All of Canada cheered, from coast to coast. It made all of us Canadians extremely proud.

In the historical timeline for the 1970's, I'd really appreciate it if you could put this 'momentous' occasion on the U of C timeline. Thank you very much.


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