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UCalgary's 50th Anniversary celebration on April 29th

The year-long celebration begins

On April 29, 2016, the University of Calgary celebrated its 50th Anniversary and kicked off a year-long celebration with the community. Hundreds of members of the university family and the wider community poured into the Energy Environment Experiential Learning building to celebrate the milestone and explore the teaching and learning, and research underway at the university that is changing the world we know, locally and globally. Guests had the opportunity to explore 33 interactive displays and showcases— everything from cleaning wastewater, novel classroom technologies and techniques, solar-powered vehicles, and human physiology  to advanced robotics, astrophysics, DNA extraction, and a magnificent display of rare butterflies. The mayor even proclaimed April 29 as ‘University of Calgary Day’.

50th Anniversary Celebration #UCalgary50

IBM printing card punch

An IBM printing card punch 26, early computer technology used at the University of Calgary, 1964. 

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Sharing the story of Campbell McLaurin

The Honorable Colin Campbell McLaurin was the first Chancellor at the Univeristy of Calgary from 1966 - 1970.  The official representative of his estate...

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