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Time to celebrate

50 years of impact

2016 marks 50 years of the University of Calgary being part of this vibrant, energetic city and we have a great deal to celebrate. Led by the Eyes High vision, we’ve become the top-ranked young university in Canada and North America. We spoke to University of Calgary students, faculty and staff about their UCalgary experience and recorded their thoughts about the 50th Anniversary milestone.

Time to Celebrate #UCalgary50

Pool hall, MacEwan Hall, 1981

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Dr. Norman Schachar

Dr. Norman Schachar, was one of Calgary’s first resident orthopedic surgeons. He arrived from Ontario in 1970 to a fledgling Department of Surgery in t...

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Your Stories

Your stories leave a lasting mark on UCalgary's evolving culture and campuses. Tell your chapter, and help us create the next 50 years.

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